Scrum in Large Organisations: Are you LOST?

Scrum was never intended for large organisations but those are the places it’s being used. People doing it often seem quite lost, hence the need for a simple guide to surviving Scrum in large organisations. With tongue firmly placed in … Continued

What Does Digital Mean?

I first became aware of a shift from analogue to digital in the 70s. We were school kids then and music was everything to us. We talked, pretentiously, as much about the quality of the sound as we did about … Continued

Agile Coaching – Who should be Coached?

Photo courtesy of Institute for Sustainability Several people I respect have written recently on the subject of Agile coaching. The question they all pose is ‘who should be your coach?’ The next question is: who should be coached for Agile? … Continued

When to press the Emergency Stop Button

Agile and Lean wisdom teaches us that hitting the stop button is something best avoided. Seymour Cray’s 1964 supercomputer had an Emergency Stop button on the operator’s console. It’s at 5 o’clock to the right-hand ‘bug’s eye’. The CDC 6600 … Continued

Agile Legal Contracts: an Oxymoron?

Are the words Agile and Contract even compatible? The goal of Agile is delivering value when detailed long-term planning either isn’t useful or possible. There are recent signs of change however. The UK government is looking into contracts that make … Continued

What Increases Project Risk?

Agile or Waterfall, Ignore Project Risk at your Peril This question got Project Managers (not agile PMs by the way) rather fired-up recently. Their answers help reveal the extent of the underlying problem. Of 105 replies, the collective opinion on … Continued

Is it Time for an Agile Leadership Management Model?

Goodbye Leader Manager, Hello Owner Manager Agile and lean approaches to developing ‘things’ are more popular now than ever, as leaders see that an iterative and incremental approach gives them greater flexibility, quality and productivity at a lower cost. Increased … Continued