Writing an Agile Article for a Proper Journal

The work of the agile business analyst is never done is one of the conclusions reached in my first agile article for online journal InfoQ User Stories Are Placeholders for Requirements. At 3500 words plus five key take-away points, and … Continued

Cost of selling on-line down by 45 points

Another true story about the art of Agile Estimation About 14 months ago, I wrote this story card: We should sell estimation cards online, to offset the cost of producing them We gave it an estimate of 50 points as … Continued

Is Your Agile Head in the Clouds?

On a recent trip to South America, partly to spread the word about agile process improvement on another continent, it was time to catch up on some background reading and one blog in particular caught my attention.

British Pub Menu Notation (Funny BPMN) BA Humour

Having fun on the Intro to Business Analysis course We had attendees from “the Nordics” (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Switzerland, Middle East, Africa and the UK. Everyone was happy to contribute and participate, so everything fell perfectly into place and we … Continued

UML / BPMN Reference Charts

When I teach BPMN I like to hand out this poster BPMN-2 Poster as reference. I particularly like the way the “Berliner BPM-Offensive” describes the use of the gateways: When splitting…. When joining… You can get the original, in many different languages from here. … Continued