Scrum in Large Organisations: Are you LOST?

Scrum was never intended for large organisations but those are the places it’s being used. People doing it often seem quite lost, hence the need for a simple guide to surviving Scrum in large organisations. With tongue firmly placed in … Continued

In an Agile Lean World, do we need Phase Gates?

Everyone wants to meet project deadlines in a timely fashion, no matter whether they’re using Agile or Waterfall methods Is this as another Agile vs Waterfall face-off? I was at a briefing session last week on developing a product portfolio. … Continued

Agile Legal Contracts: an Oxymoron?

Are the words Agile and Contract even compatible? The goal of Agile is delivering value when detailed long-term planning either isn’t useful or possible. There are recent signs of change however. The UK government is looking into contracts that make … Continued

What Increases Project Risk?

Agile or Waterfall, Ignore Project Risk at your Peril This question got Project Managers (not agile PMs by the way) rather fired-up recently. Their answers help reveal the extent of the underlying problem. Of 105 replies, the collective opinion on … Continued

Developing Skills the Agile Way

Development Occurs over Time, not on a Training Course During our many combined years as trainers with Learning Tree International, the average instructor grade exceeded 3.8 of a possible 4.0. Attendees loved the training, and provided fantastic testimonials. But that … Continued