Scaling Agile Workshop

Large-scale enterprise projects need multiple teams hence the need for scaling Agile

One successful team leads to another, and another. Soon the teams need to integrate their output so they can build grander and more valuable systems. The combination of two teams working together to produce output will always be less than the sum of their individual efficiency.

The problem is that Agile, Scrum and even Lean are optimised for a small team of co-workers. Agile principles stress the importance of face to face communication between developers and the business, yet the reality for many organisations includes remote and diverse teams sometimes coordinated through a central project management function.

The response from the Agile and, in particular, Scrum community is a variety of scaling Agile frameworks and initiatives including SAFe, LeSS, Agility Path and DSDM Atern.


These frameworks apply to an organisation with an established level of Agile maturity. But what of organisations that need to start at scale and don’t want to sign-up for Scrum? Or those that have evolved their own hybrid form of Agile and need to scale Agile?

Lean Agile Trainer Joe Little put this in context when he said:

“Each large scale agile situation is different. The key problems are different. And therefore, the solution(s) should be different.”

Given that there are no definitive solutions to the challenges of scaling Agile, and that each organisation is different, this workshop provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to step back from the operational pressure and consider the available approaches.

Workshop Deliverables

The workshop is usually held over two days. The first day is concerned with the problems and brainstorming potential solutions. The second day is devoted to evaluating and designing the solution, with appropriate measures and controls.

Storm’s Scaling Agile Workshop provides a facilitated environment for stakeholders to consider the issues unique to their organisation and shape the path of scaling Agile successfully.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.

Topics for consideration include:

  • Scaling over multiple teams
  • How do specific roles change?
  • Running large / long term projects
  • Developing people and careers
  • Architecture matters
  • Working with outsourced teams and 3rd parties
  • Managing tenders, contracts and SLAs


Participants must have had Agile training, followed by real-world exposure to Agile.

Agile Scale Frameworks and Patterns

SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework

LeSS – Large Scale Scrum

DAD – Disciplined Agile Delivery

ScrumPLOP – The Scrum Pattern Language group Agility Path

Lean Change Method

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