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In a Day™ Agile Training Courses

Dedicated, in-company training workshops for your teams and their managers – In a Day™

Your training will be facilitated by one or more experienced practitioners, who are professional trainers, coaches and transformation experts. The session will be aligned completely to your needs, with material especially prepared for you.

Top five courses for teams and their managers are:

Prioritising work is the role that makes and breaks companies, so no surprises that these courses are always in demand:

  • Product Owner In a Day
  • Business Innovation In a Day
  • Building the Product Backlog based on Story Mapping
  • Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) workshop

For leadership teams, the top workshops are:

  • Role of the Manager
  • Outcome-driven change leadership workshop
  • Agile briefing for executives
  • Five Dysfunctions of leadership teams

New topics include:

  • Co-creating your transformation strategy
  • Strategy deployment leadership workshop using X-Matrix

Business analysis and other ‘soft skills’ training courses are listed here

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s a course you would like but don’t see listed, every title above started-out as a customer request and we’re very good at creating content!

We don’t run open enrollment courses for the public, we deliver expertise directly to our customers one at a time. Our training sessions are ‘real work’ workshops, dedicated to a single customer, where attendees learn by using their actual work examples.


Banking and financial services

We have a lot of experience working with Investment Banks and understand their specific challenges. We also exercise absolute discretion, so please contact us directly for a serious conversation about your DevOps and Agile transformation.

Manage Tensions not People

There’s evidence for many practices of Agile in Business – but not agile as we know it.

For instance, spending time discussing how many points a task should have is unlikely to provide value, because setting a number becomes the focus (getting the team to agree on a number). Any potential value is in the TENSIONS but you have to WORK to identify them. For example:

  • Why does someone think this feature is so important?
  • Why can’t they do it with the regular tool?
  • How does it help us achieve this month’s objectives?

Russ has been presenting a research-based talk about organizational ambidexterity and agility. Here’s a trailer for the talk he did with friends at Lithe Transformation.

Agile Self-Assessment

How agile is your organisation right now?

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The AgendaShift ™ Delivery Assessment is the leading Organisational Business Agility Survey. Its questions are also prompts for consideration and action which lead directly into outcome-based planning or strategy deployment by engaging leaders in discovery and problem-solving.

Created by Mike Burrows, author of Kanban from the Inside and Agendashift it has been refined through practice and in collaboration with partners and practitioners such as Storm.

It’s free and easy for you to get a survey link that lets you see the results for your organisation

Take your business agility self-assessment now