Agile Adoption

An Agile Coaching program for teams making the move to Agile or Scrum methods

Agile Adoption

A collaborative project to establish Agile processes within the organisation. Working alongside your team, Storm’s Agile Adoption provides a highly effective way to gain the benefits and advantages of Agile and Scrum, whilst reducing risk and maximising the likelihood of success.

Storm Consulting developed this Agile Adoption program at Transport for London (TfL), starting from no development capacity at all, to become one of the world’s most successful Agile development teams, responsible for multi-million pound projects. Storm’s founder Russ Lewis led the team that built the prototype that enables the Contactless payment card ticketing system[1].


We embed experts in your team to play a full part in the delivery of your development, at the same time guiding and equipping your people. 
The results include:

  • Early delivery of valuable product
  • Widespread understanding of the Agile processes and roles
  • Involvement of stakeholders at all stages
  • Transfer of knowledge and development of skills


The Storm Advantage

Our consultants bring years of experience of consulting, training and coaching. Having attained success and industry recognition, they are motivated to share their knowledge and help others to develop their practice and profession.

Clients benefit from explicit and osmotic transfer of expertise from our consultants while they are embedded in your team. Staff quickly take ownership of the new processes and working methods because they are 100% involved and motivated. Storm does not try to make its clients reliant on them, or to get them to hire our consultants for the long-term.


Storm’s Agile Adoption package comprises 4 distinct activities

1. Preparation

  • Agile in a Day™ training
  • Product Owner Workshop
  • Identify business risks
  • Create initial product backlog
  • Facilitate 1st planning meeting

2. On-site Support for high-risk sprints

  • Ensure project success
  • Solve problems & mitigate risks
  • Support team reviews and planning activities
  • Assure quality of architecture, development stack and process
  • Provide training, as needed
  • Coach team members
  • Strategic planning with management

3. Phased disengagement and reduced on-site presence

  • Hygiene checks to maintain quality, focus and momentum
  • Establish metrics for maintaining performance
  • Accelerate rate of learning through experience
  • Consolidate knowledge gained
  • Develop leaders and champions
  • Management coaching

4. Review and Next Actions

  • Full Agile Scrum Assessment with report and recommendations
  • Remote support is provided throughout the program


Delivery schedule

Every Agile Adoption is different and rolls-out according to the client’s needs and preferred rate of change. From experience, we suggest 4 days per week as a good initial pace, reducing to 2-4 days per month. The review should take place after 3-6 months have elapsed since the last visit and the process has settled-in.