About Us – Storm’s Agile Consultants

We are a loose association of business improvement specialists providing management consultancy, coaching,  mentoring, and training. Our goal is to help clients move towards ‘organisational agility’ through Lean, Agile, Process Improvement, Application Lifecycle, and evidence-based management competencies.

All consultants have a proven track record of consistently delivering excellence having:

  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Ability and skills to successfully work alongside your own people
  • Expertise to deliver process improvement skills and techniques

Russ Lewis – The Agiliser
Senior Partner

Russ LewisRuss Lewis has been helping smart organisations build better software since the late 1980s. An engineer by training, with a strong entrepreneurial background, he places the highest value in identifying and satisfying customer requirements. Agile principles and solid architecture have long driven his projects, even before the terms “Agile” and “Architecture” became fashionable.

He was one of the first to recognise the business benefits of service-orientation, developing training for Microsoft and Learning Tree International. As well as delivering courses to audiences worldwide from organisations such as NATO, UN, Ernst & Young, and Barclays Capital, he is a public speaker and technical editor for publishers including APress.

He has introduced Agile to some of the world’s leading organisations including Parker, Toyota, Transport for London and Amadeus, followed by eight years in financial services – commercial and investment banking.

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AJ Clarke
Business Process Specialist

Andrewjohn ClarkeAndrew John Clarke (known as AJ) has for 25 years as a business analyst combined his engineering skills with a great enthusiasm for business.

Following a career that integrated programming, consultancy and IT training, he continues to act as managing director of a family charity, trustee of a London based Foundation and a professional IT specialist. With a particular interest in System Dynamics and Business Process Reengineering, he relishes the challenge of improving work practices, people skills and leveraging the underlying IT service requirements of organisations.

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Richard Howells
Software Development Specialist

Programming “black belt”, Richard has helped organisations such as Zurich Financial Services, Capita, Care UK and Wolverhampton City Council improve and automate their business processes using programming languages including PL/1, C++, VB and C#. With his deep understanding of programming, Richard has a gift for educating developers, technologists and managers in modern programming techniques such as OOD, design patterns, TDD and Agile methods.
Richard is the author of Learning Tree International’s highly successful “.NET Best Practices and Design Patterns” course.

Sean Smith
Agile Delivery Specialist

Dr Sean Smith is a Software guru and Agile expert who has experience of team management at the most senior level. He has worked with major organisations on far-reaching projects spanning the areas of Agile Software Development, Unified Process and UML, C# and .NET Application Development, and SQL Server.

He has taught, lectured and authored several courses as well as developing the patented training presentation system used by Learning Tree International. Sean lead five Agile teams for Transport for London, building the next generation of ticketless card payment systems.