How Agile Are You?

We’re committed to help you get more from using Agile. Part of this commitment is our Agile Estimation Cards and we’re always looking to better understand your challenges.

And we’re always looking to improve so we’d love it if you could spend 30 seconds answering a couple of basic Agile questions.

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Top 8 Benefits of Agile Planning and Estimation

  • Estimating by playing planning poker, using Storm’s Agile estimation cards, helps Agile teams:
  • Prioritise a backlog of work
  • Avoid wasting effort and money by quickly spotting incorrect assumptions
  • Give more accurate estimates to managers and customers
  • Raise transparency and increase accountability
  • Benefit from the team’s collective wisdom
  • Provide a clear vision of each feature for team members
  • Clarify customer requirements before development begins