Agile Training – Agile Executive Briefing

What’s Your Strategy for Agile?

As an executive or manager you need to be able to drive Agile and Lean initiatives to reduce waste, raise customer satisfaction and improve turn-around time.

You also need to bring traditional methodologies to bear where organisational culture and project characteristics demand it, blending the approaches to guarantee value and stability.

Our Agile Executive Briefing is a half day strategic session for senior managers and executives.

Agile Executive Briefing

In just half a day, participants of the Agile Executive Briefing will address these questions:

  • What is Agile and what can it do for us?
  • What are the benefits to our business?
  • Who will be affected? How?
  • How do we govern self-managing teams?
  • Where do our customers fit in?
  • Which styles of Agile will work for us?
  • What would our Agile organisation look like?
  • What are the expected ROIs for my Agile investment? How are they measured?

The answers are always specific to the organisation. We facilitate this briefing as a workshop, so executives can discuss and plan their Agile strategy in an informed and practical manner.

To ensure confidentiality and participation, training is delivered in-house for the benefit of a single client.

“Very informative, de-mystified the subject”

Agile Executive Briefing Activities

Understanding where your organisation will be most challenged is vital to planning an effective Agile strategy for adoption.

The activities in the Executive briefing help your identify those challenges and mastermind an approach to make your Agile strategy work.

Executives and senior managers whose support for Agile is absolutely essential to success, and for whom a half day session would be the most effective use of their time. Senior stakeholders are also encouraged to attend.

Product Owners, Project Managers or Business Analysts should attend the Agile in a Day course, which is aimed at operational roles.

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