Agile Training – Business Analysis In a Day™ Training Course

Agile business analysis is much more than diagrams – learn how to engage with influencers, managers, users and the development team to understand and communicate the business’s needs – quickly and effectively.

Understand the causes and drivers of business processes and choose which metrics will track real business value and successes. Leverage the simplicity of flow charts, user stories, acceptance criteria, and other enabling and analytical tools.



Agile Business Analysis for Agile Teams

The Agile Business Analysis In a Day™ course prepares you for learning and mastering the skills that are needed to successfully elicit the information to model the business as it is now, and as it should become.

In the course of a single day, you and your colleagues will gain experience of the following skills:

  • Mapping Events and triggers to external actors
  • Leveraging IDEF to encapsulate business process
  • Specifying KPIs and metrics
  • Identifying interfaces and interactions
  • Three techniques for determining what is valuable to the customer
  • Diagramming external interactions with Use Cases
  • Writing User stories
  • Establishing realistic Acceptance criteria and UATs
  • Defining tests as requirements which stay in place throughout delivery
  • Assessing and prioritising business values
  • Reducing risk through Prototyping
  • Future-Proofing Change by developing the adoption strategy

In a Day™ Training

Unlike conventional training, our In a Day™ courses give you “just-enough” to get going. In fact, we developed these courses to front-end our coaching and consultancy-led transformations. So if you decide to follow-on with us (and many clients do), you will have already covered the basics and are ready to start delivering value.

Agile Business Analysis Activities Include

One of the secrets to the success of Storm’s In a Day™ courses is the amount of active learning that takes place during the day. Nothing embeds a technique as well as using it immediately, and this course includes the following activities:

  • Drawing Use Case diagrams of your “As-Is” business process
  • Writing user stories
  • Assessing business value
  • Developing a prototype

Agile Business Analysis Related Certifications

This course will help to prepare attendees for the following certifications:

We sell courses to organisations, who’s prime objective is to up-skill their employees in the most efficient way possible, which we call Applied Learning™. Our approach is founded on a learn-do-improve cycle which differs from the approach of completing a prescribed number of classroom days and on online test. For this reason, we suggest that our courses plus experiential learning, provide a solid background for any related certification. Candidates should refer to the syllabus being tested, and simply plug any gaps in their knowledge.
Our instructors and consultants hold the relevant certifications, and are happy to discuss specific needs with you.


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