Agile Training – Agile in a Day™ Training Course

Introduce a team to Agile or induct a new member to an Agile team the Agile way

Everything you need to be productive with Agile – in just one day!

Congratulations. You’ve decided to take the Agile plunge, so you probably already heard the famous quote that Agile takes just moments to understand, but a lifetime to master.

Like any change initiative there are risks involved, and this one has some very subtle but brutal surprises in store for the inexperienced.

Let Storm help you dive safely, easily and productively into these clear, new waters with our internationally renowned Agile in a Day™ training course.


Agile Training Course Objectives

The Agile training course marks the start of your shift to agile thinking, planning and doing. Make no mistake though, this is a very interactive learning course, and attendees must expect to work – it just happens to be a lot of fun too!

In a single day, participants will gain experience of:

  • Planning and delivering solutions iteratively
  • Managing user requirements
  • Assessing and delivering business value
  • Adopting Agile Values and Principles
  • Describing the roles, events and artefacts of Scrum
  • Tracking and reporting progress
  • Improving the process retrospectively

In a Day™ Training

Unlike conventional training, our In a Day™ courses give you “just-enough” to get going. In fact, we developed these courses to front-end our coaching and consultancy-led transformations. So if you decide to follow-on with us (and many clients do), you will have already covered the basics and are ready to start delivering value.

Agile Training Activities Include

One of the secrets to the success of Storm’s In a Day™ courses is the amount of activity-based learning that takes place during the day. Nothing embeds a technique as well as using it immediately, and this course includes the following activities:

  • Playing the “XP Game”
  • Estimating with Planning Poker *

Expect to work in groups, pairs, and individually.
Above all, expect to work – this is not a lecture or distance-learning video.

* Everyone gets a set of Storm’s Estimation cards to keep and use

This course is best practice for rapid induction of teams adopting Agile methods.
Every stakeholder should attend this course, including:

  • Managers and decision-makers
  • Development team
  • DBA, & BI teams
  • Project managers
  • Testers and BAs
  • Systems teams
  • Architects and security specialists

CxOs may prefer to schedule an Agile Executive Briefing.

Agile Certification

Storm’s Agile training courses help to prepare participants for the following certifications:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get everything you need to know to be productive with Agile, plus a set of estimating cards, and our continued support – or your money back.


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Agile Training – Agile in a Day™ Training Course

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