Agile Training – Enterprise Analysis In a Day™ Training Course

Many projects are doomed to fail before they’ve even started because nobody looked properly at the “big picture”. Are you facing difficult questions about whether you can improve the way you do business?

Learn quick and effective techniques to build a business case that helps determine which stakeholder goals need to be delivered and in what order.



Enterprise Analysis for Agile Teams

This course prepares you for learning and mastering the skills that are needed to successfully understand the enterprise architecture and the project’s drivers and context.

In the course of a single day, you and your colleagues will gain experience of the following skills:

  • Solving problems with BPI
  • Responsibilities of the BA role
  • Defining Business Context and Scope
  • Performing Enterprise Analysis
  • Leveraging the IIBA’s Book of Knowledge
  • Selecting appropriate modelling techniques
  • Aligning business goals and strategy to Executive vision
  • Determining appropriate response strategies to External factors
  • Performing Stakeholder analysis
  • Timing the engagements with stakeholders

In a Day™ Training

Unlike conventional training, our In a Day™ courses give you “just-enough” to get going. In fact, we developed these courses to front-end our coaching and consultancy-led transformations. So if you decide to follow-on with us (and many clients do), you will have already covered the basics and are ready to start delivering value.

Enterprise Analysis Activities Include

One of the secrets to the success of Storm’s In a Day™ courses is the amount of active learning that takes place during the day. Nothing embeds a technique as well as using it immediately, and this course includes the following activities:

  • Identifying and prioritising the drivers for BPI (affinity diag)
  • Documenting the current business context
  • Analysing stakeholder roles and interactions
  • Creating a KPI Metrics tree

Enterprise Analysis Certifications

This course will help to prepare attendees for the following certifications:

We sell courses to organisations, who’s prime objective is to up-skill their employees in the most efficient way possible, which we call Applied Learning™. Our approach is founded on a learn-do-improve cycle which differs from the approach of completing a prescribed number of classroom days and on online test. For this reason, we suggest that our courses plus experiential learning, provide a solid background for any related certification. Candidates should refer to the syllabus being tested, and simply plug any gaps in their knowledge.
Our instructors and consultants hold the relevant certifications, and are happy to discuss specific needs with you.


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