One Day Agile Training for Teams

Everyone knows the learning sweet-spot starts after the introductions on day 1 and runs up to lunchtime on day 2, right? We’ve taken the agile training approach and concentrate on skills transfer by cutting everything that sweet-spot!

Training from a working Agile Consultant

With no waste and no frills, Storm’s In a Day Agile Training is a practical, convenient and fast way to achieve results. In fact, we expect to see dramatic improvements in deliverability and resource planning the very next day.

Every course we run

Led by one of our own senior consultants, each with 15+ years proven industry track record in Agile, Management & Leadership, Application Lifecycle and Process Improvement.

  • Run in your workplace without disruption to your regular working hours
  • Assure confidentiality to allow discussion of real issues
  • Waste no time on embarrassing “getting to know each other” introductions
  • Use your actual domain items in the workshops
  • Have content that is 100% relevant to your business

Value from learning is earned only when participants apply techniques to a real project. The sooner that happens, the more learning is embedded.

Costs – less than you would expect

Day rates for training an entire group is just £1699 (plus VAT) and typical groups sizes are 8-12 making this approach one of the most affordable and simplest ways to train your entire team and make sure everyone’s on-board.

Our far more effective method of bringing the trainer/consultant in-house keeps the cost manageable and allows the whole team to share real problems and get to real solutions during the training day.

“Those who can’t do, teach”

But a great teacher will bring out the best in your team. We know this to be true, and promise that your team will learn more, and in less time, from our experienced Agile practitioners than they would in a public course. They can also help fix real problems on the day by adapting workshops to your specific application.

Great agile training is made relevant by being 100% relevant to your project, your team and your challenges. So we aim to solve your business problems as part of the training day.


We have limited availability in February so enquire now to get started. March is also starting to get bookings so you’re best not to delay.


Here’s what our attendees say:

Probably the best course I have been on

SB, Applications Developer
Royal & Sun Alliance

Learnt a lot not covered in other courses. Good style, enthusiastic and practical

F J, IT Systems Engineer
Angel Trains

Great tutor, very relaxed and knowledgeable