Agile Training In a Day™ Courses

Training Your Team the Agile Way – In a Day!

As trainers we know the sweet-spot starts on the first day after introductions and ends by the next lunchtime. We take the agile approach to training and concentrate on skills transfer by cutting everything except the sweet-spot.

It’s Agile Training and it’s Training In a Day™.

No Waste, no Frills, 100% Consultant-led Training

Storm’s In a Day training solution is Agile: practical, convenient and highly cost effective.
Our courses always:

  • Led by industry experts with 10+ years professional experience of consultancy and training
  • Run in your workplace without disruption to your regular working hours
  • Assure confidentiality to allow discussion of real issues
  • Waste no time on embarrassing “getting to know each other” introductions
  • Use your actual domain items in the workshops
  • Have content that is 100% relevant to your business

Value from learning is earned only when participants apply techniques to a real project. The sooner that happens, the more learning is embedded.

The Agile approach to learning skills is to do just enough training at just the right time to get the job done.

It’s a bonus if you don’t wreak havoc at work by having half the team away on a course, and you’ll be extremely popular if your young parents don’t have to make special childcare arrangements.

It’s a super-bonus when this happens without leaving your chair, which is why bite-sized “how-to-do-this” clips are so popular on YouTube.

Sending staff away for a week in a classroom to “learn a subject” seems out-dated now. Perhaps it only happens at all because that’s how its always been. Far more effective is to bring the trainer/consultant in-house and hold the training at work. It’s instructor-led training at a fraction of the cost.

What happens next is where most learning takes place. Study, practice and plenty of trial and error lead to experience, confidence and productivity. For knowledge workers, there’s often no black or white solutions so making mistakes and taking small steps away from the prescribed form provide the most valuable lessons and generate know-how.

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