Agile Training – Leadership Skills In a Day™ Training Course

Leaders are not born, they develop
Developing leadership competencies and developing leaders is essential for an organisation’s growth and continuity.

This training course in leadership skills gives potential leaders essential tools for making the right decisions and nurturing the leader within.



Leadership Skills Training

In a single highly-productive and interactive training day, attendees will:

  • Gain three sure-fire ways to motivate staff
  • Learn the 5 key practices of leadership excellence
  • Communicate a compelling vision
  • Discover the leader “within”
  • Make decisions that will be respected
  • Start to build a loyal following

In a Day™ Training

Unlike conventional training, our In a Day™ courses give you “just-enough” to get going. In fact, we developed these courses to front-end our coaching and consultancy-led transformations. So if you decide to follow-on with us (and many clients do), you will have already covered the basics and are ready to start delivering value.

Activities for the Developing Leadership Training Include

Attendees engage directly in workshop-style activities including:

  • Measuring your leadership strengths
  • Selecting powerful motivators for your individuals
  • Defining a compelling vision
  • Identifying an empowering leadership style

Training in a “closed course” environment and having an experienced instructor gives attendees the opportunity to examine real-world examples from their own experience. Their solutions, resolutions and plans immediately become the team’s goals and objectives.

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