Agile Transformation Fixed-Price Consulting Package

Simple and effective Agile Transformation for your team

We have performed Agile transformations for Transport for London, Governments, Investment Banks and leading manufacturers.

It’s hard to change organisational culture from within, the risks and challenges are large which is the reason many unguided Agile adoptions fail to deliver the expected benefits.

Storm’s Agile Transformation is a fixed-price consulting package that ensures Agile will deliver for you from day one.

Agile Transformation Includes

  • Master list of deliverables
  • Agile in a Day™ training course
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • On-site coaching
  • Key measures for performance
  • Implementation plan
  • Continuous assessment tools
  • Product owner-specific training, coaching and support
  • Problem-solving as needed
  • Phased disengagement including remote support

Expect results in days and weeks not months or years from Storm’s Agile Transformation

The benefits you can expect include:

  • Improved customer satisfaction, happier team
  • Delivering value early and often
  • Staff that coach and lead
  • Better alignment between IT and business
  • Positive engagement from stakeholders
  • Improved planning and feedback mechanisms
  • Continual improvement and fine-tuning of your processes
  • Increasing value to organisation
  • Measurable progress
  • Responsive feedback and improvement mechanism

“Agile is a shift in organizational culture. This shift is what makes adopting agile so challenging for large companies with established rules and procedures”

MIT Technology Review July 2014