British Pub Menu Notation (Funny BPMN) BA Humour

Having fun on the Intro to Business Analysis course

We had attendees from “the Nordics” (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Switzerland, Middle East, Africa and the UK. Everyone was happy to contribute and participate, so everything fell perfectly into place and we just had so much fun on the course.


Afterwards, Jakob (from Addeco) sent an email saying the pub next door had visualised their food and beverage ordering process for clients and attached this photo. Well, we had been studying modelling notations including BMPN and UML using a restaurant as the case study, so this was pretty perfect. So Jakob asked if anyone could recognise the notation.

Quick as a flash, Chris Lea (working on CRB with Capita) came back with:

“Classic BPMN, British Pub Menu Notation”


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