Harveys Furnishings

Harveys Furnishings

What was the issue?

Harveys is a major UK retail furnishings group with a national network of stores.

The development team were experienced, but none had tackled a real project using .NET technologies. Back and front office systems nearing end of life needed to be re-developed using .NET and, where appropriate, browser-based technologies.

What benefits were delivered?

Developers gained confidence quickly and avoided the delays normally associated with first-time projects involving new technologies. The skills learnt during the project gave the developers the equivalent of several years’ hard won experience in a much shorter space of time.

Having an expert ‘on-hand’ has proved valuable in many respects to the team’s project manager, whose consultant has lately been helping to interview new .NET developers for the team.

How were they delivered?

Storm’s role was initially to de-risk the project by assisting the development team in applying their new skills in .NET. Given the decision to support Web technologies, Storm Software’s Applied Learning consultant developed a proof of concept application with one of Harveys’ lead developers.

Forming the basis of a new price-book application, this proof of concept was further developed and used by the team whilst designing the new database.

Other team members were included in the process and brought up to speed using the exact combination of technologies that were developed in-house by Harveys and their consultant.

This was carried out in a way that would ensure the right technical decisions and methods from the start, fast implementation and the most appropriate application of the technology to the project.

What were the results?

Storm Software received this very positive feedback from Harveys:

Rather than being given ten ways to implement a particular procedure, we learnt the way which was best for our project”… “A brilliant way of learning

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