Fixed Price Consulting Packages

Ideal for larger organisations and government-funded bodies, our fixed price consulting packages reduce uncertainty and make for straight-forward budgeting.

Choose from Fixed Price Agile, Audit and SharePoint

For consulting services that we have performed often, we are able to offer clients an advantageous pre-configured ‘package’ of fixed price consulting services, training and support. These packages provide a substantial discount on regular day-rate consulting services.

Select from the fixed-priced products available on the right.

Delivering Value

Be it a report with recommendations, getting a Scrum team ‘up and running’, or customising SharePoint, each fixed price consulting package delivers exactly as it says on the label.

Training is Included

Integral to each consulting package is the relevant training. We are able to deliver the right material to the right person at exactly the right time. This is different to the regular classroom training scenario, where course material is designed to be general enough to satisfy a wider audience and mixture of abilities. Our training is:

  • Appropriate for the individual’s roles
  • Right amount of learning to the right people
  • Delivered in real time
  • Practical application of learnt skills on a live project


Each fixed priced consulting package includes a number of hours of remote support, so your team members are always able to get advice even if your consultant isn’t on-site when they need that help.