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Business needs moving faster than IT? Legacy apps and waterfall process holding you back?

Re-solve complex business issues and make your customers happy again.

We work organisations who know the difficulty of developing, maintaining and implementing IT – and are looking for better, more agile ways, to deliver. Organisations using our agile training and consultancy include …

  • BT
  • e.oman
  • Starlizard
  • EA Games
  • Randstad
  • Transport for London
  • The co-operative bank
  • Wolverhampton City Council
  • Best Western
  • Parker
  • Harvey's
  • Bucks County Council

Agile Process Improvement

We bring together the power of five consulting competencies: Agile, Strategy, Process, Management and Application Lifecycle to help clients achieve astonishing results.

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Whilst traditional change management programs identify what’s bad and replace it with something better, Agile Process Improvement is more like living a healthier life by looking after one’s health.

People thrive when they are happy and healthy at work. And with teams that communicate effectively; customers who feel important; raised levels of respect and trust amongst co-workers, teams are able to deliver high quality results.

Review the benefits of Agile Process Improvement.

An Architecture-Driven Practice

Senior Partner Russ Lewis, who has over 20 years’ experience of advising companies on how to build better software, is an engineer by training with a strong background in business and software architecture.

As well as advising large companies and organisations, he is a regular speaker on Agile and has delivered training courses to organisations all over the world including Goldman Sachs, UBS, Ernst & Young, NATO and the United Nations.

Even before Agile became a popular project management technique, Lewis adopted the core practices within all his work and he was also one of the first to understand the business value of service oriented architectures (SOA).

Storm’s Agile Consultants

Storm’s Agile Consultants have participated in some of the largest and most high profile projects undertaken over the last decade. From developing the Contactless card smart billing system for Transport for London, to advising on a SharePoint project for the United Nations, Storm is continually asked to provide guidance and insight.

If you want to learn more about the Storm approach to Agile, then please contact us now.

In-a-Day Training

Choose from a wide-range of courses including BPI, Agile, Software Development & Business Analysis


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