UML / BPMN Reference Charts


When I teach BPMN I like to hand out this poster BPMN-2 Poster as reference.

I particularly like the way the “Berliner BPM-Offensive” describes the use of the gateways:

  • When splitting….
  • When joining…

You can get the original, in many different languages from here.

Following the course, I received this poster for UML syntax from Claudio Desio.

By coincidence, the author has chosen to show exactly the same UML diagrams as I favour, therefore I am very happy to recommend his poster. Please note that it is UML 1.3 rather than 2.0, but no less useful for that.


Adecco Nordic IT

Still thrilled about last weeks' training.

Jakob S, Application Administrator
Adecco Nordic IT

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