Harveys Furnishings plc

Harveys Furnishings

What was the issue? Harveys is a major UK retail furnishings group with a national network of stores. The development team were experienced, but none had tackled a real project using .NET technologies. Back and front office systems nearing end of life needed to be re-developed using … Continued

United Nations

International Organisation

What was the issue? An outsourced SharePoint project had hit difficulties. The key issues apparent were low confidence, fear of failure, no user buy-in and looming deadlines. Two months before the project was due to be delivered, the program manager … Continued

Norwich Union

Norwich Union – Merlin

What was the issue? Norwich Union wanted to be able to easily allocate vehicle repair work to workshops that were closest to the insured person and had capacity to take on work the same day.  The objective of the Merlin project was to enable approved suppliers to visit … Continued

Transport for London

Transport for London – Jubilee Project

What was the issue? Tube travellers were being charged a small fortune for not touching out with their Oyster pay-as-you-go cards at the end of a journey, resulting in being charged a maximum fare penalty of £7.40. Storm Consulting were … Continued

Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines

What was the issue? A senior software developer in an airline company has been asked to design an application he is not used to working with. This developer is a long time COBOL programmer. He runs an IBM AS/400 I5, and he’s a master of it. … Continued

BT Global Services


What was the issue? BT was involved in significant IT infrastructure projects such as the installation of networking and cabelling for Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport. Ongoing networking support for this projectrequired spare parts to be ordered from Cisco (BT being their largest customer for networking equipment).  During this project it was soon … Continued

Bentley Motors Ltd

Bentley Motors

What was the issue? Bentley Motors manufactures luxury sports touring cars. They are investing £500 million and now have one of the most advanced production lines in the world, fulfilling orders for the super-successful Continental GT.Bentley Continental. Bentley employs over … Continued

VRG – Venue Booking System

What was the issue? At Storm, we are very familiar with building prototype systems that work so well they simply become production systems. This is no accident of course; it’s all about understanding requirements, excellent design, and constant dialogue with our clients. This … Continued