Agile Training – Building High Performance Teams In a Day™ Training Course

Team members must work together to meet targets and resolve issues. They must learn to balance innovation, co-operation, and dedication in order to deliver successfully.

This course accelerates the learning process so that your team can move quickly to the high performance zone.



Objectives for Building High Performance Teams Course

In a single highly-productive and interactive training day, your attendees will:

  • Learn how to create a High Performance Team
  • Maximise individual contribution and strengths
  • Build productive team relationships
  • Use natural conflict creatively
  • Effective calibration of team performance

In a Day™ Training

Unlike conventional training, our In a Day™ courses give you “just-enough” to get going. In fact, we developed these courses to front-end our coaching and consultancy-led transformations. So if you decide to follow-on with us (and many clients do), you will have already covered the basics and are ready to start delivering value.

Building High Performance Teams Activities Include

Attendees engage directly in workshop-style activities including:

  • Building a common understanding of team
  • Defining what people need in a team
  • Understanding Personalities and Team Roles
  • Recognising early signs of conflict and managing your response
  • Dynamic Task allocation
  • Selecting key leadership characteristics

Training in a “closed course” environment and having an experienced instructor gives attendees the opportunity to examine real-world examples from their own experience. Their solutions, resolutions and plans immediately become the team’s goals and objectives.


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