Agile Coaching for Managers

Goal-oriented Agile coaching for teams ready for the next level of performance.

Management & Team Coaching

We engage with managers and their teams to help them reach agreed levels of performance. We provide the know-how that enables improvement and nurture the values that build success. The results are outstanding.

Our coaching competencies, represented in the ‘Agile temple’ diagram opposite, are:  

  • Strategy and Governance
  • Process Improvement, Business Analysis and QA
  • Leadership & Management skills
  • Application Life-cycle Management
  • Agile

360 Support

Each coaching engagement is unique and proceeds at the pace that’s right for you and your team. Thanks to flat-rate monthly billing, we provide the ideal mix of services needed in every competency area. Activities may include: assessment; goal-setting; strategic planning; problem-solving; training; one-on-one mentoring; facilitation; project rescue; interim support and listening objectively.

Embedding the Process of Improvement

If you’ve been part of an obviously successful project you know how good it feels. Can you imagine what would happen if you were able to significantly improve your processes and address each of the competency areas above?

Storm have helped organisations like yours and managers like you to achieve astonishing results. Our methods are not secret or complicated. Through Agile coaching We help organisations to improve their processes and to master the improvement process itself.

Explore the relationship between Process Improvement and Agile learning.

Benefits of Coaching

In their 2008 study of Business Coaching, the American Management Association (AMA) noted:

“Many organizations are chronically concerned that they don’t have the right talent to succeed, and this is especially true in the area of leadership.

They view leadership as among the top issues affecting their organizations both today and in the future, yet they’re often dissatisfied with everything from succession planning systems to leadership development programs.”

Read in today’s context of reduced staff levels, agile aspirations and rapidly-changing roles, managers are right to worry. They may have the tools and the resources to do the job, but lack the leadership or technical vision. High performance teams are built on trust, openness and commitment.

Of the international organisations surveyed by the AMA, 80% responded that coaching had been successful. The figure in North America was 70%.