Agile Training – Product Owner In a Day™

The Product Owner role is one of the hardest to resource and perform. Yet with the support of the team POs can massively increase productivity and the amount of business value delivered to an organisation.

With the spotlight on requirements, business planning, measuring and reporting value, productivity improvements are made by developing the communication between a team and their PO.

The course is aimed at Agile teams that are already up and running, or are getting started having completed our Agile In a Day or similar training.

Increase Productivity Through Product Owner Training

The whole team together will learn about:

  • Grooming & ordering the backlog
  • Evolving the definition of done
  • Planning for Releases
  • Epics and features
  • Minimum Marketable Features
  • Devolved decision-making
  • Iterations vs increments
  • Story maps
  • Measuring and reporting Business Value

Course & Workshop – 2 day Option

Product Owner training course followed by a workshop are perfect for teams looking to improve their overall productivity. Specific challenges faced by Product Owners, sponsors, or team members are addressed by the team in a facilitated and constructive environment.

Product Owner Training Activities

One of the highlights of this course is the Product Owner game, an engaging metaphor for the challenges Product Owners face at every planning meeting.

Further activities are selected to match the specific outcomes and will improve communication, prioritisation, and taking responsibility appropriately.

All team members should attend a Product Owner training event, in order to support the PO and for the PO to better understand the responsibilities of the role.

Storm’s Agile training courses help to prepare participants for the following certifications:

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