Agile Process Improvement

What is Agile Process Improvement?

Agile Process Improvement is Storm’s unique approach to process improvement and re-engineering that has been developed and refined over hundreds of client engagements.

Benefits of this approach

  • Being more flexible and responsive to changing requirements
  • Reducing development and operational costs
  • Controlling project risks
  • Fast-tracking positive change
  • Improving performance, accuracy and quality

Our clients have felt the pain of developing and implementing applications, and are now ready to dramatically increase effectiveness and efficiency.


Agile Process Improvement draws on agile practices, whose origins are from Lean manufacturing, with the latest and best practices of BPI, Management 3.0 and DevOps, to help teams become better at what they do and to help organisations become better workplaces.

Delighting Customers

Business activities must help to serve a customer’s need lest they be wasteful or ineffective. It is necessary to understand what it would take to delight customers and articulate a clear strategy to achieve this.
Goals may include:

  • Ability to adapt and respond quickly
  • High quality service and deliverables
  • Great value for money
  • Simple monitoring and effective improvement mechanisms
  • Reliable forecasting

Satisfying “C” Level and Executives

In traditional organisations, responsibility and decision-making is pushed up to the highest levels of rank.
Responsibility and trust can be devolved to the people ‘at the coalface’, who are more immediately connected to the project’s risks and results. The process takes time and builds on repeated successes, delivery to commitment, and transparency.
The goals are:

  • Projects delivered on time and to budget
  • Evidence of value delivered in months not years
  • Reduced development and operational costs
  • Maximised ROI

Engaging Management

Good managers care deeply about the people they manage, as well as delivering to those people to whom they report. Their skills and ability to succeed relies on having supporting processes and frameworks. High quality processes provide:

  • Management of project risks and uncertainties
  • Motivated staff working to a shared goal
  • Defined, scalable, and repeatable process
  • High performance, accuracy, and quality
  • Reliable and accurate forecasts

Improving the Organisation

Everyone wants to belong to an organisation they are proud of. One whose values and practices demonstrate that it cares about its workers and for the environment. An organisation willing to invest in personal development will:

  • Build competence and skills within the organisation
  • Develop individuals to their potential
  • Benefit from learning through experience